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In Press/20170811

Number Type 作者 Author Received Accepted Note
1 10609 Orignal 陳文瑩、林式穀 Wen-Yin Chen, Shih-Ku Lin 2017.03.27 2017.05.04 林式穀
Topic 中文:思覺失調症病人或雙相情緒障礙症病人接受長效抗精神病劑的的生活品質與社會功能
英文:Quality of Life and Social Function in Patients with Schizophrenia or with Bipolar Disorder Receiving Long-acting Antipsychotics

2 10611 Orignal 高廉程、簡戊鑑、鍾其祥、葉慧雯、周雨青、黃三原、葉啟斌、張勳安、高譽誠、江瑋珊、葉奕緯、曾念生 Lien-Cheng Kao, Wu-Chien Chien, Chi-Hsian Chung, Hui-Wen Yeh, Yu-Ching Chou, San-Yuan Huang, Chin-Bin Yeh, , Hsin-An Chang, Yu-Chen Kao, , Wei-Shan Chiang, Yi-Wei Yeh, Nian-Sheng Tzeng 2017.04.10 2017.05.24 曾念生
Topic 中文:新診斷失憶症與失智症之關聯性:一項全國性、人口群基礎之歷史型世代研究
英文:The Association between Newly-diagnosed Amnestic Disorders and Dementia: A Nationwide, Population-based, Cohort Study in Taiwan

3 10612 Orignal 王育琛、曾冬勝、李添俊、李秉信 梁志頌 Yu-Chen Wang, Dong-Sheng Tzeng, Tien-Chun Li, Pin-Hsin Lee, Chih-Sung Liang 2017.04.12 2017.05.15 梁志頌
Topic 中文:完成甲基安非他命緩起訴治療團體的預測因子
英文:Predictors of Completing Deferred Prosecution Program among Methamphetamine Offenders

4 10617 Orignal 鍾明勳、孫文榮、林界男、郭建成 黃偉哲、鄭惠萍、周碧瑟 Ming-Shun Chung, Wen-Jung Sun, Chieh-Nan Lin, Chien-Cheng Kuo, Wei-Che Huang, Hui-Ping Cheng, Pesus Chou 2017.05.26 2017.08.02 周碧瑟
Topic 中文:生活事件對台灣青少年憂鬱症的預測
英文:Predictive Effect of Life Events on Adolescent Depression in Taiwan

5 10620 Orignal 黃斯聖、廖以誠 Si-Sheng Huang, Yi-Cheng Liao 2017.06.13 2017.07.21 黃斯聖
Topic 中文:共病憂鬱的失智症病人相關之行為精神症狀
英文:The Association of Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Patients with Dementia and Comorbid Depression

6 10608 Letter to the editor 郭景旻、周伯翰 Ching-Min Kuo, Po-Han Chou 2017.03.16 2017.06.07 周伯翰
Topic 中文:氨磺必利併用度洛西汀使用成功治療科塔爾症候群之個案報告
英文:A Patient with Cotard's Syndrome Successfully Treated with Amisulpride and Duloxetine: A Case Report

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